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Overview - Frequently asked questions - Intro to website/domains

A domain name is your specific address on the world wide web.  Our domain name is sunriseweb.com and there are a variety of other extensions such as .net, .org, .us, .biz, etc.  In general, .com is the best to have, but there really is no functional difference between any of them.

If you have a business idea or are thinking about getting a website, we suggest you register the domain name IMMEDIATELY.

 Every day, 20,000 or more domain names are registered and you don't want yours to be taken.  Call us today if you are confused about domain names or would like help in registering one, 1-800-320-2644.  Or, you can click below to register one now in order to lock in your preferred internet address:

Click here to register your domain name

You can simply own the domain name and not do anything with it until you are ready to create your website.  This is important because with some website projects, it can take time to develop and finish the final look and feel.  But, you can already have the domain name in your possession, it just will display a blank page or we can upload a temporary "Coming Soon" page for you as well.


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